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"Let's have a good time with refugees in our town again. Defencing Festival is back! Its program offers a lot! A perfect chance to get know and to become friends with the people who fled from war and persecution to our country.

Hungary put razor-fence on its border to stop refugees and Slovenes are angry over it. A few months later, Slovenia itself put the fence on it's Croatian border and that was OK for most of citizens. Refugees fled from war and terorists but (mostly) European terorists strike in Europe too. Sure right-wing politics and right-wing medias marked 
refugees as terorists. Main-stream media helped them by considering migrants too much as security issue and so the hate-machine had good times. Even now many people equate refugees and terorists, so sad! Are you also one of those who get scared stiff even just hearing the word refugee? Did you know they are also people who feel like we here when somebody is (un)kind in relation to them? You make a friend or your enemy by your-self. Wellcome them kindly and they will wellcome you kindly. I have my-own experience with that. When there was a lot of refugees on our borders, I was there.     In Bistrica ob Sotli border station was much easier to communicate with them as in huge camp in Dobova. You have a great chance to get new friends and to stop being scared stiff. Welcome those who are not scared at all too and just want to get new friends.

The fence on our border is just a consequence of the fence in our mind. De-fence your self - in Defencing Festival."


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