'What is a living wage? Why it is important to emphasize the difference between living wage and minimum wage? Do you know that minimum wage in Central, Eastern and South Eastern European countries covers in average only ¼ of a living wage? What that fact tells us except that the workers are not paid enough to be able to provide decent living for their families? Do you know how much profit multinational companies make at the expense of poverty wages of workers producing for them around the globe? Do you know how the minimum wage is negotiated and do you know anything about purchasing practices of multinational corporations? Can you imagine how the life looks like when you receive only ¼ of the amount necessary for decent living? Do you know which are the active struggles in your country and in your region trying to fight for a living wage?
During the session we will try to give an answer on these questions, and in the discussion we will focus on the campaign and the steps towards achieving living wages.'

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