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Our health is not for sale!

07.04.2017 | U vašem gradu

Call for the second edition of the European Day of action against Health commercialisation. In 2016, actions took place in Belgium, France and Spain and several other activities accross Europe have been shared through social media.

Information en français: http://www.reseau-sante-europe.net/spip.php?article151
Informacion en castellano: http://www.reseau-sante-europe.net/spip.php?article151&lang=es
Informazioni in italiano: http://www.reseau-sante-europe.net/spip.php?article154

In 2017, the objective is to have significant and visible actions in 7 or 8 European countries.

It seems to us important to :
- mobilize health professionals
- give confidence building on possible victories, as well as propose alternatives
- be as close as possible to local struggles/demands
- use the opportunity to do popular education